Why Buy Used?

July 26th, 2021 by

If you’re searching for a vehicle, you have many options to pick from, including deciding to buy new or used. No matter what you decide, Chevy has proven to be an excellent choice. The brand has more than a century as a proven leader in the automotive world. There are many pre-owned vehicles for you to explore here at Puklich Chevrolet. If you ever thought, ‘what are the advantages of buying used?” this guide provides the answer.

Save Money With Depreciation

Used vehicles don’t take the initial hit of depreciation as new cars do. If you buy a new one, it can lose up to 20 percent of its value within the first year alone. Also, pre-owned vehicles are almost always priced less than brand new ones.  For buyers, it can allow them to put less money upfront with a down payment and reduce their monthly costs as well.

Relating to insurance coverage, premiums are usually cheaper with a pre-owned model as well, and it costs less for registration fees. If you’re planning to finance the vehicle, you could also plan to pay off the loan quicker and enjoy a vehicle without monthly payments.

Pre-Owned Models Are Still Excellent Vehicles

Used vehicles, especially Chevy, will still provide the technology and safety features that are important to you. There was some hesitancy about buying a used car in the past, but that’s no longer the case. More and more vehicles you see on the road are well beyond 100,000 miles with seven to eight years of driving under their belt.

You aren’t sacrificing quality when considering a used vehicle because it is built better than ever before. Chevrolet models are known to have a high resale value. Many of their trucks have received accolades from Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Resale Value Awards.” The Chevy Silverado is one example.

Large Selection Of Vehicles

When you decide to buy pre-owned, you can have access to a greater variety of vehicles than you would with a new car. For instance, you may be interested in a particular color or feature that is on an older model that has now been discontinued. Also, if there’s a more expensive model you absolutely love, you can buy the one you want without having to put out the high price tag.

Know The Car’s History And Reviews

Buyers today have the upper hand by acquiring any relative information they need on the vehicle they plan to purchase. For example, you can get a car history report that reveals previous owners, accident history and validates the mileage. Also, many reputable websites (Kelley Blue Book, J.D Power) give reviews about the car you’re interested in.

Certified Pre-Owned Option

Are you looking for some of the same advantages of buying new without the price? Certified pre-owned vehicles allow you to own a car that’s been rigorously inspected and refurbished at a bargain price. As a result, it gets a certified status from the manufacturer that confirms the vehicle’s condition. Also, you can qualify for special rates on financing, and these cars often include extended warranties.

Customize Your Vehicle The Way You Want

If you’re buying a used car, there’s the advantage of personalizing it the way you want. Many individuals who want a new car plan to get a lease, which means they are essentially borrowing it for a specified time. The vehicle needs to be returned the same way you had it. You’re extremely limited in what you can do to make changes to anything. Also, you probably won’t feel as bad if you get an occasional scratch or ding on a used car.


  • Used vehicles depreciate less, which helps you save money and build equity.
  • You’re not sacrificing quality by buying a pre-owned car because it is built to last.
  • There’s a large variety of used vehicles for sale to match your budget and lifestyle.
  • Certified pre-owned allows you to enjoy some advantages of buying new at a cheaper price.
  • You have more reign to customize a used car to you’re liking.

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