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If you’re on the prowl for your next car, SUV, or truck, it’s a good idea to consider the Chevy brand. Over the years, Chevy has provided car owners with an array of benefits for an incredible value. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should visit our local dealership to check out our latest Chevrolet inventory.

Chevrolet Is Built With Quality Behind The Name

Chevrolet has built a reliable name for itself to deliver the highest quality vehicles available on the market. With more than a century of producing vehicles, it has made motorists across the country satisfied with their purchase. They create vehicles that can appease to almost anyone’s preferences, including midsize sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even luxury vehicles. It’s also known for bold creations like the Camaro and the Corvette for those who want to cruise in style.

A Worthy Reputation That Stands The Test Of Time

Thousands of people have put their trust in the Chevrolet brand and stay loyal to the brand for a lifetime. Many people invest in Chevy, knowing they’ll get a reliable vehicle that also delivers with performance and longevity. It’s more than likely you’ll see Chevy vehicles on the road ten years or older and still running great. Each year, Chevy only improves on an already superior vehicle that can easily integrate into your lifestyle with its functionality and driver-assisted technologies.

A Pioneer With Safety

Chevy is at the forefront with the safety options it includes on its cars and trucks. They have devoted much time to thoughtful research, testing, and innovation to ensure you’re protected on the road. Some of these include adaptive cruise control, forward automatic braking, and lane-keep assist. Their attention to detail has also awarded them a Top IIHS safety pick for multiple years and vehicles.

Modern And Sleek Design

Not only does Chevy provide a vehicle that is easy to handle and efficient, but you’ll also look great while you’re driving. From the ultra-sleek 2020 Corvette to the 2020 Tahoe, any model will get you noticed on the road. It doesn’t stop with just the exterior, either. Inside, Chevy has made their cabins as comfortable as ever, and include many available upgrades like leather seating, reconfigurable cargo space, and even a heating steering wheel for those cold mornings.

Incredible Value

Gone are the days where you need to sacrifice quality if you’re on a specific budget. Chevrolet offers just as many or more features compared to other vehicles in its class but at a lower price point. Many of the safety and tech features that consumers want are included standard, which means you won’t have to break the bank to get what you need. It’s easy to work with your local Chevrolet dealer to get a monthly payment that fits into your budget.

Easy To Maintain

The last thing any driver wants is having to worry about breaking down on the road. Although Chevy is an affordable brand, it also has the durability you’ll want. As long as you stay up with the recommended maintenance on any Chevy model, you’ll have it for years to come. Whether you are using it for you’re daily commute to work, a family road-trip, or something in between, you’ll hit the road with confidence.

Efficiency Where It Matters

You won’t find yourself filling up more than you need to when you pick Chevrolet. Many of the models offer turbocharged engines that exceed 30 MPG on the highway with ease. Not only does this help your wallet, but it goes a long way in preserving our planet as well. Even the larger trucks like the Colorado and Silverado are incredibly efficient for their size.

Built Right Here In The USA

There are few things as American as driving around in a Chevrolet vehicle. When you purchase a Chevy, you’re showing your support to the thousands of hard-working individuals across the country. Also, you’re placing value in your devotion to the country you live in. Chevy is proud to manufacture cars right here in the states, and you can feel pride, knowing you contribute to brand loyalty.

Why Choose Puklich Chevrolet?

When you have considered all that Chevy has to offer, Puklich Chevrolet is the local dealership near Bismarck, ND that can help. No matter what Chevy model you choose, you can rest assured you’ve made the right decision. Our team is more than happy to help find the right one for you. Our sales team operates six days out of the week, and we have options for trade-ins, financing, and leases to meet your needs. Give us a call or stop on by and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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